Tanusri Prasanna

YRG Partners

Tanusri was born and raised in India and has strong roots in the sub-continent. She has a law degree from the National Law School of India, an LLM from Harvard Law School, and holds a PhD in jurisprudence and human rights law from Oxford University. She has worked in the World Bank’s legal department in Washington and as a teaching fellow at Columbia Law School. Before joining Foundry, she worked at the Hannigan Salky Getzler (HSG) Agency.

Tanusri represents children’s books across ages, ranging from picture books to middle grade and YA. She’s particularly drawn to ambitious world-building fantasies, contemporary novels that convey emotional truths about self, familial relationships, identity, and community with nuance and empathy, charming and relatable romances, and voice-driven suspense. In middle grade, Tanusri is partial to literary voices with vulnerable yet resilient protagonists, mysteries, and humorous stories set in schools or quirky neighborhoods. In the picture book space, she is looking to represent both authors and author/illustrators. She is a big fan of wry humor and twisty endings, but also loves lyrical (though not rhyming!), meaningful, and concept-driven texts. Given her varied professional and personal background, Tanusri is actively seeking “own voices”, and protagonists and worlds that draw from different cultures and experiences, across all these genres.

In the adult space, she is always on the lookout for diverse voices in fiction, and for voice-driven, accessible, narrative nonfiction set against the themes of social justice and human rights.

Submission Guidelines:

Tanusri only accepts email submissions. You can query her at tpsubmissions@yrgpartners.com.