Saritza Hernandez

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Saritza is a geek with a passion for all things Star Wars, Star Trek, and Harry Potter. But her love of great storytelling is what has driven her work in the publishing industry for the past 15 years. An avid coffee-drinker with a Kindle book and audiobook obsession, she enjoys a steaming cup (or several) of strong Cuban coffee while escaping into worlds and stories from all walks of life. Her passion for romance and a strong advocate of the GLBT community, she enjoys fresh voices in Young Adult and Adult genre fiction. 

Saritza is actively acquiring upmarket women’s fiction/romance in adult and young adult, as well as feminist erotica with or without a romantic element.

In the Adult market, she’s particularly interested in #OwnVoices contemporary romance stories featuring persons of color, cowboys/vaqueros, intercultural relationships, small-town contemporary romances and historical romance set in 19th century America and the Caribbean. Would also love to see a historical romance set in 1920s through 1940s or during the 1980s in the South, specifically. Small town male/male romantic comedies are her jam! She’s also looking for hard science fiction romance (space opera, interplanetary adventure with a romance story at its core) and feminist erotica featuring accurate depictions of the BDSM lifestyle and kink communities.

In the YA market, she’s always looking for stories that feature POC main characters in contemporary romance, science fiction/fantasy romance or historical romance settings. She’d love to see a gothic romance story featuring young love where The Addams Family meets Beetlejuice meets Modern Family. Would love an urban fantasy romance featuring dragon shifters or gargoyles (or both) featuring Latinx main character. Dying for character-driven stories of young people making a difference in the world and finding love in the process.

In the GLBTQ market, she’s always looking for more erotic romance and sweet romance stories featuring characters who identify as “queer”. She’s also actively seeking #OwnVoices young adult and new adult GLBTQ romance titles. Would love a sports romance featuring GLBTQ characters in non-traditional sports: lacrosse, extreme sports, martial arts, rodeo, parkour, longboard, rock climbing, geocaching, stand-up paddling, etc. And because she’s a geek, a fun romance story featuring gaming at its core: tabletop, video games, or RPGs.

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