Maria Ribas

Stonesong Literary

Maria Ribas is a Literary Agent at Stonesong, specializing in nonfiction in the areas of food, interiors, business, spirituality, personal development, and psychology. She began her career on the editorial side, first working on books in English and Spanish at Atria/Simon & Schuster, then at Harlequin Nonfiction and Adams Media. As a former editor, she has a keen sense of what editors are really looking for, and she has nearly a decade of experience building lasting relationships with authors. In her spare time, she writes a books and creativity blog at

For practical nonfiction, she enjoys working with bloggers, experts, business owners, and media influencers who understand how a thoughtfully produced, proudly promoted book can grow their brands and their businesses. For narrative nonfiction, she’s looking for journalists, bloggers, and writers who understand how to bring a subject to life in unexpected ways. 

Submission Guidelines:

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